Today, teens face all types of difficult issues including public shaming and teenage pregnancy. These issues can often lead to bullying. But they can also lead to true friendship. So, Coca-Cola created three short films to inspire teens to stand up for their true friends when it matters most.

The Text

Two friends. A moment neither was prepared for. A decision that will last a lifetime. Coca-Cola Presents “The Text.” What would you do for a true friend?

Something Unexpected

The new girl. The cutest boy in school. A moment nobody will forget. Coca-Cola presents “Something Unexpected.” What would you do for a true friend?

The Rumor

A scandalous social media post. A moment to do the right thing. A confession no one wants to make. Coca-Cola Presents “The Rumor.” What would you do for a true friend?


We took the powerful icon of the fist bump from our films and integrated it across the campaign. From changing the Coca-Cola packaging to out-of-home and more, we spread our message of choosing true friendship over cruelty to teens everywhere.