The Campaign
Inside was an integrated campaign for Intel and Toshiba that combined a digital, interactive film and it's promotion through digital, cinema, out of home and PR. It was an 11 days event watched online 50 million times, 4 million interactions with the main character on Facebook, and hundreds of stories on the press.

Campaign Case Study: 2min

The Website
The Content - a 2 min recap
  • "We're Obsessed"
    - Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • "A Movie That Lets You Participate"
    - The Washington Post
  • "On Fire"
    - Good Morning America
  • "A new generation of 'social film-making' "
    - Brand Republic
  • "The Toshiba laptop becomes a character in the film"
    - Fast Company
  • "Inside opens a new avenue in crowd-sourced film-making"
    - The Guardian

Audience Reaction: 4 min 21 sec (unsolicited video made by fans at the end of the film)

Filmed episodes were released in real-time to a branded YouTube channel as events happened to Christina.

But there were other videos too. Christina and secondary characters posted video messages to each other and the audience on their Facebook pages and on YoutTube. And fans made their own videos to drive the story and support Christina.

Video clues and riddles from Christina's captor started appearing as Easter Eggs on YouTube. The audience also participated in Hollywood's first Social Casting call via YouTube, where one lucky fan earned a cameo role in Episode 5.


The entire experience was accessible at, a multi-media website that updated in real-time with highlights of what was happening in episodes and social media... including key postings from the audience themselves. Users could navigate the site using a simple interface that let them scroll through each day and access content as it became available.


Users could get general information, post their enthusiasm about the project, and ask questions on a Facebook page titled "The Inside Experience".


Rich media banner ads on sites like Pandora, Hulu, Gizmodo, Mashable, Gawker, and Huffington Post challenged users to play a part in Hollywood's first Social Film, announced Hollywood's first Social Casting Call, and drove users to the Inside Experience website.

A YouTube masthead promoted Inside Day 1, on July 25, 2011, by running a trailer and offering users a link to the Inside Experience website.


Wild postings in major cities around the country challenged people to play a part in Hollywood's first Social Film. Each poster contained a QR code that connected users to the Inside Experience website.


Characters came alive through their own Facebook pages, where the audience could interact with characters courtesy of a full-time screenwriter.

Many of theses interactions ended up in the filmed episodes on Christina's laptop screen, pulled in from the actual Facebook pages just minutes before airing.

The audience also interacted with Christina Perasso via Twitter.

The promoted tweet #savechristinaperasso was a crucial element in Episodes 4 and 5. During these Episodes the audience used Twitter to help Christina Perasso earn a meal from her captor.