LEGO CL!CK Integrated Campaign



Know how it feels when you have a big idea? When all the pieces come together? The moment when everything goes… CL!CK? This initiative for LEGO celebrates that very wonderful moment. A moment that happens to everyone, from Ben Franklin thinking up his famous kite experiment to the little kid playing with LEGO bricks.


The centerpiece is the CL!CK Factory, an online community that features all types of content designed to chronicle and inspire CL!CK moments. Some content is original, other content is found by editors, and still other content comes from the community: by tweeting with #legoclick, or tagging photos and videos on Flickr and YouTube, anyone can be a contributor. The campaign launched with an inspiring and whimsical short film (CL!CK) and an iPhone app (LEGO Photo) that lets you make LEGO portraits of your friends and family, just like the ones on the wall of the CL!CK Factory. Integrated PR efforts included the creation of the LEGO Click Awards for kids an interactive build of a 8-foot tall LEGO light bulb at the Smithsonian Museum.


Great ideas just CL!CK

Results Highlights:

LEGO Photo was the #4 free app in the America, #2 in the UK, #1 in Japan.
Short film featured at TED 2010, at TED's request. It has also been requested by SXSW.

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