Gamers aren't the easiest target audience to get through to. So in order to tell them about the awesome features of Skype on Xbox One we needed to do something drastic. Something like a live streamed 2-day game-off between College Humor comedians Jake and Amir with Mad TV veteran Bobby Lee playing the host. Then we decided to let fans control the whole thing. We thought it was crazy enough to work. And it did.


How did consumers participate?

After we launched the Level 48 teaser film we directed fans to the microsite and asked them to join Team Jake or Team Amir. Then the power was in their hands. They got to vote on every piece of furniture to determine what the final gaming room looked like, choosing all the comfortable gear for their team leader and all the garbage for the enemy. During the event fans voted on which guy was going to receive a host of distracting pranks and could call in via Skype to give game tips and cheer on their team. Fans could also tweet things they wanted to happen to our host Bobby Lee and he'd willingly oblige.

How was Skype invovled?

Fans used Skype from the get go to join chat rooms and discuss strategies with their fellow teammates. They could then add Jake and Amir as contacts Skype to send words of encouragement and also call them during the event to give game tips and trash talk the competition. .

Growth in XboxOne purchase consideration
Increase in Skype feature awareness on Xbox
21,489 hours
Streamed on Twitch during the 2-day live event
Over delivery of paid media impressions