Skype on Windows 8.1 makes sharing moments better. And that's a good thing. Because when we dropped travel blogger Mike Corey off in Istanbul – without his bags, his ticket home, or any idea where he was headed next – sharing moments through Skype was all Mike had to get home. Skype Rerouted was a 15 day, 5 country, 16,000 kilometers, real time social travel game that captivated our audience by making them a vital part of Mike's adventure.

What were the rules?
Mike received clues each day that got him from one challenge to the next. But Mike couldn't solve the clues himself. He had to rely on his followers on Skype and Twitter for help.

Was this actually done in real time?
Cross our hearts. We filmed and edited on the fly, posting six 2 minute recap videos in a span of two weeks. We had actual conversations with our followers on social media – not just a simple mass reply. And the best part? Mike was kept in the dark the entire time.

How could people play?
Each time Mike posted a clue, the community raced to solve the riddles, song clues, anagrams, and visual puzzles, and share the answer with him through Skype or Twitter.

Did they participate?
Ohhh yeah.

Campaign engagments
Views (3x more than planned)
Top 10 videos
shared by the 18-34 year old demo on YouTube
Twitter Engagement. 10x above industry average.