Family portraits have been the same forever. We set out to change that—so we invited artist John Clang to help us reinvent the family portrait in a way that makes distance disappear. And, in the process, we told the stories of families who could only have that picture taken because of Skype.


Are these real stories?

Yes, these are all real people who use Skype to stay in touch with friends and family every day.

Where can I learn more about these people's stories?

Visit Each story has its own page where you can watch other behind-the-scenes footage.

How did consumers participate?

While we were running our videos, we asked people to submit their own stories on The final story, "The Born Friends Family Portrait" was one of over a thousand submissions of stories from real people who wanted to share how they use Skype. Skype was so touched by Sarah and Paige's story that we sent them to meet each other for the first time. Site visitors could also view their stories or Facebook friends on a Bing map.

Did it work?

Views (800% more than planned)
Press mentions globally
on TIME magazine's top 10 commercials of 2013
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