Neil is the only guy with the inner power to save Earth from an evil race of moustache aliens. But no one can see that. Not even him. When the furry E.T.'s come after him though, he joins a band of guardians, saves the planet and gets the cute girl. Powerful stuff. The Power Inside is a six episode social film starring Harvey Keitel, Craig Roberts, Analeigh Tipton and dozens of ordinary fans who auditioned via webcam to both help save... or destroy the world.

Who was the client? Intel or Toshiba?
Both. Intel wanted to refresh "Intel Inside," Toshiba wanted to feature the Ultrabook.

Did it work?
Yes. Even better than last year's The Beauty Inside.
74 million views, 93% approval rating on YouTube. Product placement from Skype, Ubisoft, SkullCandy and Spotify. Purchase intent up by nearly 12% with over 33k units sold during the time of the campaign.

Who wrote the concept, plot, script?
The agency. Then in partnership with the directors we polished the story, dialogue and scenes.

How did consumers participate?
We shot a 45min film and left areas to feature consumer's photos and videos. On Facebook they submitted either shaving videos to help the good guys or photos to become one of the moustache aliens.

This crazy story by two technology companies was one of the most shared branded videos during its 6 week run. It had hundreds of thousands of fans on the edge of their seats cheering Neil on as he realized he had the strength to defeat the aliens and all he had to do was look inside himself.
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  • “Harvey Keitel and Craig Roberts are seriously good. Tuning in next week.”

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  • “This was just amazing. Seriously everyone needs to see this.”

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