University of Phoenix, the nation's largest private university, introduced The Phoenix Lecture Series, a video series in that captures the insights from the most influential business thinkers of our generation, including Professor at the Harvard Business School Clayton Christensen, London Business School's Gary Hamel, and co-founder of MIT Media Lab Nicholas Negroponte. This new academic content enhances students' mastery of subject areas through a seamless and meaningful integration of technology and content.

The lectures utilize digital infographics, blending high-level content and imagery into narratives that represent complex premises, evoke critical thinking and address social issues. One of the most impactful techniques was the use of a specialized high-definition video projection system that presents Mr. Negroponte as a holographic-like image projected onto a stage in front of a live audience.

All University of Phoenix students have access to the complete Phoenix Lecture Series, and lectures have been integrated into the class work for the University of Phoenix MBA program.

Views of the excerpts through our social media campaign equated to over 13MM views in 4 weeks
Drove significant traffic to the .edu page (100K+; with an average clickthrough rate of of 3.29%)
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