Corona Extra, the number one imported beer brand in the U.S., launched the "Find Your Beach" campaign to challenge consumers to be introspective. It introduces a new wave of interactive elements to transform the "Corona Beach" from a physical place to a state of mind, an evolution for the traditionally beach-oriented beer brand.
Corona Beach Break is a social application that challenges and rewards fans to take a "beach break". Whether it's checking in at a stadium, logging off Facebook or a uploading a photo of an ice cold Corona, users could earn points redeemable at the Corona store for anything from cool branded gear to golf trips and spa appointments.
Mobile Apps
The Corona Beach Break was the first mobile application for the brand. Fans who downloaded the application were able to accept and complete every type of challenge, from check-ins to mobile uploads. The application also allowed users to redeem their points at a mobile version of the Corona store.

The Beach Break application was mirrored on Facebook allowing players to sync up and maintain their activity.
This rich media banner unit analyzed the user's Twitter feed and, using a special algorithm, judged their stress level based on the content of their tweets. The banner then encouraged the user to "take a break and find their beach."